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Welcome to Purtuc Dental

We offer family, general and cosmetic dentistry care in the Pennington area. The Office was previously owned by Dr. Jeffrey Rodney, who was a Prosthodontist.  Our office has been providing dental services for over 30 years. There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy smile. Take advantage of our in house dental lab. The team at Purtuc Dental will keep your teeth and gums healthy and looking great for years to come.

Our team of friendly, experienced staff relies on the most modern technology along with caring, highly professional service, so you get the best and most comprehensive dental care possible. Visit Purtuc Dental for dental services from general cleaning and routine examinations to improving your smile with teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, and veneers; Cavity restorations with tooth colored and amalgam filling material. Endodontic procedures including root canals and apical surgeries. Implant restorations. All fixed and removable prosthesis will be processed in our in house lab by our lab technician.